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Victor Smolski
Every metal fan has probably already met him, and also for all non-metalheads his string magic is an absolute must! Who wants to experience his breathtaking solo performances live, has the unique opportunity to do so after his workshop.
Levin Deger
Levin Deger (World Guitar Trio) is no longer a stranger to the scene: in 2015, he was honoured with the "Best Talent" award by Swiss radio SRF3.
The artist draws inspiration from the instruments of Kalli Guitars and plays well-known melodies and improvisations with his loop station.
To be heard from 10:00 am in the foyer and at the Kalli Guitars exhibition stand.

Short workshops (Foyer)

sauer workshop
Short workshops in the foyer (cloakroom) free of charge
11:00 a.m.: Hybrid guitars - only half of each?
Jo IAN K. and Cam Robson will present the "first real hybrid guitar", the Hybrian KS1 from the Sauer Guitars brand.
This extraordinary instrument can no longer be compared to a normal acoustic guitar or an electric guitar when played with the right technique, but offers a whole new tonal spectrum.

13:00 Songwriting workshop with Jo IAN K.
The songwriter has extensive experience in songwriting with over 700 songs for various musicians and styles. Together with his self-developed Hybrian guitar (Sauer Guitars) he will present interesting nuances of songwriting with examples.
Blues Jam
Blues Jam 

Under the direction of Jeff Siegrist, Guitars and more 2024 will once again be jammed to the hilt!
The top-class house band provides a powerful atmosphere and is supported by many illustrious guests. If you want to be part of the party, just register at the info desk on the day of the exhibition!
Wettingen Music School

Also 2024, students and teachers of the Wettingen Music School will demonstrate their skills at several performances.