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The registration portal for our exhibitors is now open. We are happy to accept your definitive registrations for Guitars and more 2023 under the following link:

pngaaa com-5480233


For the workshop 2023 the well-known guitarist and amp designer Thomas Blug could be engaged! The registration portal will be switched on in time and we will keep you informed.

Plakat Workshop BluGuitar

March 21, 2022: We look back on an unforgettable exhibition Sunday and are already looking forward to the sixth edition of Guitars and more 2023. We will keep you informed.


The winners of our recording contest have been announced - congratulations!


The hall plan 2022 is online! Change requests are no longer possible.


Marcus Deml's workshop is fully booked, and unfortunately we cannot accept any more registrations as of now.
If you still want to see Marcus Deml live, you will have the opportunity to do so at the Blues Jam!
 Alternatively you have the possibility to participate in our recording contest to get a "Meet and Greet" with this exceptional guitarist.


You can prove your skills and creativity already in the run-up to the exhibition:
Registration for our cool
 recording contest is now open and we hope for lively participation. Be brave and pick your strings!

The registration portal for the workshop "GUITAR JUNKIE" by Marcus Deml is open! From now on we accept your registration for this unique workshop experience:
HERE for the definitive registration.


The registration portal for all exhibitors is now open!
Please register early HERE so that we can reserve a fixed place for you.



Marcus Deml at Guitars and more 2022

We have the great pleasure to present you a very special highlight for the Guitars and more 2022:
The widely known guitarist Marcus Deml will honor us with his presence the whole day to enchant us with his unique guitaristic skills!

Marcus Nepomuc Deml (* August 9, 1967 in Prague) is a German guitarist, studio musician and founder of the bands Errorhead, Electric Outlet and The Blue Poets. He studied guitar at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, worked as a live and studio guitarist in the USA until 1993 and, after returning to Germany, participated in numerous chart productions. With his own band Errorhead he released six albums. He was voted one of the top th
ree "Guitar Heroes" of 2005 by the US magazine Guitar Player and was awarded the Guitar Hero Award. In the same year he received an award in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
Marcus Deml has shared a stage with such musical greats as Foreigner, Walter Trout, The Brew and Freak Kitchen.
Even in times of Kemper, Axe FX and Strymon it is true: For a world-class guitar sound you don't need more than a guitar, a tube amp and the right fingers. Marcus Deml demonstrates this impressively on the new album by his band The Blue Poets.
On All lt Takes, the Strat virtuoso lets the Marshall smoke and presents his skills in earthy blues rock songs that should not only be fun for die-hard guitarists. In the nine songs, which range from heavy rockers to sprawling ballads with several minutes of soloing, there is of course also enough fodder for the professional audience. Especially impressive is the dynamic with which Marcus lets his Strats sing, scream and sometimes whisper.

You can really be curious what this world class guitarist has in store for us!
We will keep you informed.

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Marcus Deml on YouTube

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